TXP Wireless Series

The TracXP TXP-WTA wireless gas transmitter is available using a robust 900 MHz radio frequency to meet your most demanding communication requirements. The TXP-WTA can be configured in single or dual sensor configurations to allow redundant readings for critical operations or monitoring combination gases. The TXP-WTA’s smart sensors allow changing sensor types quite easily and utilizes the same sensors as our TXP-T40 wired transmitters. The TXP-WTA also supports integral and remote sensor options. Intuitive non-intrusive magnetic interface makes set up and programming quick and easy. Power options include standard 3.6V disposable Lithium battery for portability or a 12 – 24V DC power option for longer term or permanent installations.


• Class 1, Div. 2
• Robust 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz Radios
• Operates on “D” Lithium Battery
• Dual Sensor Capable w/ Integral & Remote Sensor Options
• Magnetic Mount Option
• Five LED Indications (3) Alarms (2) Communication Status
• Two Password Levels for Security
• Multiple Antenna Options
• Optional Rainshield / Calibration Port for Aluminum Enclosure


• Oil &Gas
• Pipeline compression
• Refining & chemical production
• Water / waste water treatment plants
• Food & beverage facilities
• Metal manufacturing
• Pulp & paper
• Power generation
• General industry

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