Portable and Handheld Gas Detection Sensors

Improving Overall Safety

At Hawk Equipment, we sell a number of portable and handheld technologies to enhance the workplace and improve employee safety. This equipment has a wide variety of applications and can help keep your team safe in case of emergency. We sell portable and handheld products from the following companies: Blackline Safety, RKI Instruments, ENMET, and AimSafety

Routine Maintenance is Vital

Portable and handheld gas monitors are vital to many industries. These are often referred to as 4-gas or 5-gas analyzers, alarms, monitors, or meters. Whether being used to measure explosive gases, depleted oxygen levels, or VOC levels or for general confined space entry purposes, keeping these meters in good working order is vital for safety and productivity. Hawk Equipment Services performs routine and scheduled maintenance, calibrations, services, and general repairs on all major manufacturers’ handheld and portable gas meters.

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