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Gas Detection Systems for Refrigerant Gases & Ammonia

Refrigerant leak detectors aren’t just a “nice to have” — they are required by law anywhere refrigerant gases are present, such as chiller rooms and refrigerant systems. 

Depending on your location, you may need to meet any of the following regulations:

Refrigerant Leak Detection Systems

Hawk Equipment provides comprehensive services for refrigerant leak detection systems to help prevent leaks and their associated hazards.

For emergency services, give us a call now at +503-542-7600. With locations in all 50 states, we can provide urgent services wherever the need arises.

How Hawk Equipment Can Help

Hawk Equipment makes it easy to monitor for refrigerant leaks with the following services:

Whether you’re in need of a refrigerant leak detection system or require an upgrade or repair of your current system, Hawk Equipment can help with a customized solution. Contact us today to discuss the best product configuration to meet your needs.

  • Turnkey Installation: Hawk Equipment provides turnkey installation and repair services that include system layout and design, transmitters and control panels, and wiring and conduits.
  • Product Configuration: We configure systems to match the application and gases present and to meet design and safety requirements.
  • System Design: Rely on our complete design/build services to produce plans and SOPs for any application.

Refrigerant Leak Detection Product Options

When it comes to refrigerant leak detection, we usually recommend one of the following Bacharach products:

Bacharach Multi-Zone 

Refrigerant Monitor

  • Engineered Support: Hawk works closely and supports engineers with product submittals, system layout support, SOP support, and master specification support.
  • Routine Maintenance & Repair: We provide regular maintenance and calibration services to keep your system in compliance, and repair services to address any malfunctions in system operation.
Refrigerant Leak Monitor
Multi-zone mechanical room configuration

The Bacharach Multi-Zone Refrigerant Monitor is the go-to choice for precision monitoring, enabling early leak detection and ensuring compliance with safety codes. 

  • Precision monitoring for low-level leak detection (down to an industry-leading minimal detection level of 1 ppm) via a proprietary infrared sensor 
  • No interference from temperature and humidity changes or other gases, which can cause false alarms in other monitors 
  • 60-plus refrigerants within the gas library 
  • Real-time concentration readings and intuitive self-diagnostics and configurations using the backlit display 
  • Detection of multiple gases and monitoring of up to 16 zones with a single monitor 
  • Integration with BMS/BAS control systems via Modbus communications and two optional analog outputs 
  • Activation of external countermeasures (ventilation, sounders, beacons, etc.) via three configurable relays (leak, spill, and evacuate)

Bacharach Multi-Zone 

Refrigerant Monitor

  • Easy sensor replacement with precalibrated plug-and-play sensor modules
  • Fewer false alarms with temperature-compensated measurements
  • Integration with BMS/BAS control systems via configurable Modbus communications and analog outputs
  • Protection from water and dust with optional IP66- or IP41-rated enclosures
  • Activation of external countermeasures (ventilation, sounders, beacons, etc.) via three configurable relays (low alarm, high alarm, and fault)
  • Integration with visual/audible alarms for refrigeration safety compliance without any additional hardware
  • Easy gas detector maintenance and commissioning via the MGS-400 mobile app

Check out the resources below to learn more about other products and services we offer.  

Make safety and compliance simple with the Bacharach MGS-450 Gas Detector. 

  • U.S. EPA 608: Within the U.S., EPA Section 608 requires regular leak inspections for appliances that are not already undergoing continuous monitoring by an automatic leak detection system.
  • ASHRAE 15: ASHRAE 15 establishes safety requirements and procedures for personnel operating systems and equipment anywhere a refrigerant leak is possible in the U.S. ASHRAE 15 is typically referenced in conjunction with ASHRAE 34-2013, which assigns safety classifications for refrigerants and sets refrigerant concentration limits (RCLs).
  • California’s Refrigerant Management Program (RMP): Within the state of California, the Refrigerant Management Program requires leak inspections either every 12 months, every three months, or via an automatic leak detection system depending on the refrigerant charge.

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