At Hawk Equipment, our goal is to keep your gear in top operating condition. From gas detection systems to portable and handheld motors and more, our team will make sure your equipment is calibrated and in the best operating condition.

Gas and Vapor Meters

Type of InstrumentMeasured SubstanceApplication
Multigas metersCombustible gas (LEL), oxygen (O2), with specific toxic gas sensorsConfined spaces, underground construction, sewers
Toxic gas sensor, hydrogen sulfideH2SFarms, sewers, underground construction
Toxic gas sensor, hydrogen cyanideHCNIndustrial facilities, electroplating operations
Toxic gas sensor, sulfur dioxideSO2Paper mills, bleaching operations
Toxic gas sensor, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxideNO and NO2Combustion sources, particularly from propane fuel
Toxic gas sensor, chlorine and chlorine dioxideCl2 and ClO2Bleaching and disinfecting operations, plastics manufacture, chemical synthesis, other industrial operations
Toxic gas sensor, ammoniaNH3Industrial refrigeration, fertilizer, animal feed lots
Toxic gas sensor, phosphinePH3Semiconductor manufacture, agricultural pesticides
Carbon monoxide monitorCOGarages, warehouses, other combustion sources, indoor air quality
Carbon dioxide monitorCO2Indoor air quality, as a surrogate for other indoor source pollutants
Infrared analyzersCO, CO2, organic substancesArea surveys to determine locations with highest concentrations, waste anesthetic gases, fumigants, indoor air, leaks, spills
Photoionization detectors (PIDs)Hydrocarbons, other ionizable substancesArea surveys to determine locations with highest concentrations, indoor air, leaks, spills
Mercury vapor metersHgMercury plants, spills
Ozone analyzersO3Water or air purification, indoor air
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