Hawk Equipment provides calibrations to manufacturer specifications with National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) traceable gases. With every calibration, we check the sensors for time of response, perform a zero calibration, and span to the correct value for the unit. After calibration, we place a sticker on the unit with the current and next calibration date. We also provide a calibration sheet with gas lot numbers and calibrated values for every unit calibrated.

Fixed Gas Detection Systems On-Site Calibration

Our team of experts at Hawk Equipment is happy to help with all your on-site calibration needs. We can help calibrate your sensors to ensure your health and safety services are functioning properly and protecting your employees. We’ll help you record and document calibration, affix a calibration label to the unit, and create and deliver a calibration sheet for all sensors serviced.

Portable and Handheld

The sensors in handheld and portable toxic gas meters may be electrochemical, photoionizing, or catalytic beads. Each of these sensors expresses a change in electric charge when exposed to its target gas. As the units are exposed to gases and different temperatures, or simply as they age, the voltages slowly change and readings are impacted. This is why manufacturers suggest frequent calibration and testing of all portable and handheld gas meters. Routine calibration means that your sensors will perform as designed, and that you will have proof that your health and safety devices are actually protecting your employees. All Hawk Equipment Services calibrations come with a signed calibration certificate and calibration sticker. We only use NIST traceable span gases, so you can rest assured that your system is calibrated per the manufacturer’s specifications.

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