Ensuring That A New Sensor Net is Functioning

Fixed gas detection systems are a common part of the construction process when building a new warehouse, parking garage, manufacturing facility, water treatment plant, municipal building, and many other types of commercial spaces. These systems are often installed and designed by the general mechanical contractor, but the final startup and commissioning is frequently left to the owner or contractor. Hawk Equipment Services offers full-service third-party commissioning for fixed gas detection systems.

Commissioning Services for Fixed Gas Detection Systems

Our commissioning services for fixed gas detection systems provide a way for building owners, mechanical contractors, and inspectors to be sure that their new sensor net is functioning as designed. Our trained techs will perform and document the following:

  1. Document and confirm how many sensors are installed, where they are located, and that they are showing active on the building control system interface panel.
  2. Document the serial numbers and factory calibration dates.
  3. Bump test each sensor and document the response on the building control system interface panel.
  4. Create a formal commissioning report for the sensor system, including all of the collected data, NIST traceable gas lot numbers, accurate sensor responses, and next due date for calibration.

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