Product: Gas Detection Systems & Sensors

Hawk Equipment Services has a full line of specialty calibration gases, regulators, and filters that meet manufacturer’s specifications to keep your sensors up an running in top condition.  Volume discounts and discounts for our repair and calibration clients are available.

Fixed Gas Detection Sensors

Fixed gas detection systems are a series of monitors and sensors that are connected to a controller or alarm system.  These monitors may send signals to the controller or alarm for different zones in your facility.  This enables all the readings to be in one central location.  There are many different configurations for fixed systems which are capable of monitoring numerous gases in a large area and provide warnings to workers of unsafe conditions.  Some monitors can also be setup to run Variable Frequency Drives (VFD’s) to enable cost savings by running exhaust fans only when needed to keep work areas safe.  Fixed gas detection systems are typically installed in closed parking garages, manufacturing facilities, battery charging areas and anywhere health and safety are concerned.

Air Filters

Hawk Equipment Services offers the full line of Amaircare Hepa and VOC filtration units which offers everything from small portable units to large industrial filters.

Calibration Gases Accessories and Supplies

Hawk Equipment has the calibration gases you need to keep your testing and monitoring equipment properly maintained.

Portable and Handheld

Portable and handheld gas monitors, often called 4-gas or 5-gas analyzers, alarms, monitors or meters, are crucial to many industries and businesses.  These are often referred to as 4-gas or 5-gas analyzers, alarms, monitors, or meters. We are authorized resellers of a variety of portable and handheld gas detection products, contact us to learn more about our inventory.

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We can have specialty gas mixtures, unusual span values, and custom compounds made to order and shipped directly to your facility.  Please contact us for more information.

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