Sample Draw Oxygen Detector with 10+ Year Sensor

The Sample Draw Oxygen Deficiency Monitor is perfect for storage areas, confined spaces, and other locations where remote oxygen monitoring is required. The built-in pump samples oxygen levels from up to 100 feet away and is suitable for facilities that use inert gases including, but not limited to, nitrogen, helium, and argon. The monitor is ideal for environments such as MRI facilities, cryogenic spas, hospitals, freezers, and laboratories. The monitor will remain accurate at temperatures as low as -40C. PureAire’s durable, non-depleting, zirconium oxide sensor will last 10+ years in a normal environment, without needing to be replaced.


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General Specifications

Sampling MethodSample Draw
Gases DetectedOxygen (O2)
Accuracy± 1 % of Full Scale
Operating Temperature-40 to +55 ºC
Display3/4″ LCD Digital Display, Back Lit
Sensor TypeLong-life zirconium oxide sensor cell
Sensor Life> 10 years under Normal Conditions
Signal Outputs4-20 mA Analog Output (Active) Dual-Level Alarm Relay Contacts Built-in Horn
Power Requirements24 VDC 300 mA
Width7.25 in 184.2 mm
Height6.0 in 152.4 mm
Weight2.4 lb 1.2 kg
CalibrationCalibration IS required.
OptionalAvailable without Horn. Contact for details.
Country of OriginUSA
Harmonized Tarrif Code8531.10.0045

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