The TracXP TXP-C16X is a multi-channel control panel that provides signal conditioning, simultaneous real-time display, and alarm events for up to 16 input channels. The controller modules are designed in 8-channel options allowing the TXP-C16X to be set up as an 8 to 16-channel device to meet a wide variety of applications.


• Certified for Class 1, Div. 2
• NEMA 4X Enclosure
• QVGA backlit color LCD display
• 2 standard SPDT 5A alarm relays for horn & fault, plus 3 programmable alarm relays
• Ethernet port with web server
• Dual RS-485 Modbus® serial ports
• Magnetic key-pad allows non-intrusive operation
• Cal mode allows zero/span calibration for direct sensor input applications
• Security functions to lock out unauthorized users
• Easily expandable for changing needs


• Oil & Gas
• Pipeline compression
• Refining & chemical production
• Water / waste water treatment plants
• Food & beverage facilities
• Metal manufacturing
• Pulp & paper
• Power generation
• General industry



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