The MSA Bacharach® MGS-250 Infrared Refrigerant Gas Detector delivers accurate, stable and precise refrigerant monitoring for safety and regulatory compliance. It can be configured as either a broadband sensor used for coarse leak detection (ASHRAE 15, EN 378), or as a gas specific version that’s characterized for precision response to individual refrigerants (CARB). The MGS-250 is the economical solution for detecting refrigerants without the limitations posed by solid-state sensor technologies. Advanced infrared sensor technology makes the MGS-250 immune to cross sensitivities from combustible and toxic gases, as well as changes in temperature and humidity. The sensor provides accurate leak detection and delivers up to 5 to 7 years of virtually maintenance-free operation. The MGS-250 has an alpha-numeric LED display, status indicator, on-board relay and Modbus via RS485. An audio-visual alarm is included to alert personnel when measurements exceeded the user-defi ned threshold, enabling compliance with safety standards including AHSRAE 15 and EN 378.


• Infrared Sensor Technology
• On-board Audio-visual Alarms
• Modbus, 4-20mA Output & Alarm Relay
• Digital Display Screen
• Self-diagnostics
• Minimal Maintenance Requirements
• Optional MGS-408 Controller Available