TOXALERT’S Model TSM Stand-Alone Monitors are compact, eletro-chemical, cost effective gas monitors designed for fixed installation, continuous monitoring of commercial & industrial facilities. The TSM Series is a carbon monoxide (CO) sensor, nitrogen dioxide (NO2) sensor or a combination of both CO and NO2 sensors in one monitor. For design flexibility, there is an option to locate one of the sensors remote from the monitor. Each Stand-Alone Monitor is microprocessor based to ensure trouble free, long-term stability and has three (3) field adjustable stages of operation. Relay outputs for each stage are designed for fail-safe operation and fail to energize remote equipment such as ventilation fans and visual alarms.

The Model TSM is a self-contained monitor in an architecturally appealing ABS housing with indicators for power on, microprocessor running (malfunction), warning or fan stage energized, alarm stage and high alarm stage. Options available are an LCD display of gas concentration and audible alarm with silence. The audible alarm silence push-button temporarily silences the audible horn until the next alarm.



General Specifications

Gas DetectedCO, NO2
Sensor TypeElectro-Chemical
RangeCO 0-200 PPM, NO2 0-10PPM
Input Power24 VAC or 24 VDC +/-10%
Relay Contacts24VDC, .5A resistive
EnvironmentOperation Range-
Temperature-4oF to 122oF (-20oC to 50oC)
Relative Humidity0-95% non-condensing
Dimensions7.2”H x 4.9”W x 2.2” D
TypeSurface Mount
Response TimeCO Sensor 40 Seconds to reach 90% of indication NO2 Sensor 60 seconds to reach 90% of indication
IndicatorsPower On Alarm Stage Malfunction Warning Stage High Alarm Stage
Storage Range
Temperature-40oF to 122oF (-40oC to 50oC)
Relative Humidity0-95% non-condensing
ResolutionCO Sensor = 1 PPM; NO2 sensor = 0.02 PPM
Typical LifeCO Sensor 7 years in normal service NO2 Sensor 3 years in normal service

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