TOX-NET is the most comprehensive gas detection sensor offered by Toxalert. Complete with a central panel display and keypad, this controller is easy to use and energy efficient, keeping costs low while meeting local standards and regulations for safety.
While there are plenty of applications for TOX-NET, parking garages are the most common environment for the sensor. If a high level of toxic gas is detected, TOX-NET can activate the appropriate fan or fans to improve air quality. Once an acceptable air quality is reached, TOX-NET returns fan systems back to their normal settings.

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General Specifications

Standard Features• Plug-in wiring terminal block for quick installation and maintenance • 1/2” and 3/4” knockouts, top, bottom, and back for easy installation • LED alarm status indication including flashing fault alarm • External calibration port for easy application of Test Gas (used with onboard CO sensor) • Protective aluminum housing with electronics filter screen • External push button for calibration (the user is not required to open the unit to calibrate) • Manual Push-To-Test to confirm interlock of fans and alarms
Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications-4˚F to 122˚F (-20C to 50C)
Humidity90% non-condensing
EnclosureNema/Type 1 (lP40), 73/4 x 3” x 3” (197mm x 76mm x 76mm)
MountingSurface mount
Power Input14-24 vdc (.1 amp)
Analog Output4-20 mA, 700 ohms
CommunicationRS-485 Modbus
Accuracy+/-2% of reading
Typical Gases
COcarbon monoxide 0-500 ppm (factory shipped 0-200 ppm)
NO2nitrogen dioxide 0-20 ppm
O2oxygen 0-30%

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