ProAir 2200 is a compact, easy to install and operate compressed airline monitor that can continuously and simultaneously monitor up to four gases in real-time using internally mounted sensors. ProAir 2200 can be custom configured to monitor a variety of hazardous gases present in compressed air, including carbon monoxide, oxygen, dew point, carbon dioxide, VOCs, trace hydrocarbons and many other gases associated with OSHA monitoring requirements for Grade D breathing air.

ProAir 2200 has a user-friendly software interface and is operated by using push buttons and LCD display. The general instrument set-up configuration and maintenance functions are password protected to prevent unauthorized personnel from gaining access to secure data. The maintenance and operation menu functions allow the user to change alarm points, program relays and perform calibrations in the field. The monitor uses a backlit digital display, a power LED and a fault LED indicator, integrated audible and visual alarms with two alarm threshold indicators and features a four minute audio defeat option for alerts below alarm level maximum. The sample inlet pressure must be regulated to 55 psi. It has an integral electronic flow sensor with a fault alarm to monitor for low flow conditions of less than 0.2 liter per minute.


• Continuous real-time gas monitoring of compressed airlines
• Can be custom configured with up to 4 sensors
• Able to withstand harsh process environments
• User programmable alarms and relays
• Meets Grade D breathing and NFPA 99 requirements
• Low flow alarm
• Field replaceable sensors



General Specifications

DisplayHigh-contrast, backlit
AlarmsVisual: LEDs Audible: Piezoelectric horn, 95 dB at 2 feet
Alarm Relays5 programmable gas relays plus fault. All relays are programmable latching or nonlatching, dry SPDT, 10 amps (resistive load only) at 110 VAC
Operating Power100 to 240 VAC and/or 12 VDC, 15 Watts
Inlet PressureMust be regulated to 55 psi (user provided)
Flow Rate0.5 liter per minute (1 SCFH)
EnclosureThermoplastic box with clear, hinged front cover, designed for NEMA 12 and 4X
Dimensions9.3 W x 11.9 H x 6.1 D inches (23.5 W x 30.3 H x 15.4 D cm)
Weight8 lbs. (3.6 kg.)
ApprovalsUL 60601-1, IEC 60601-1 & CSA 22.2, No. 601.1
*If the gas you need to monitor is not listed, contact ENMET for more details• Acetaldehyde, CH3CHO• Ethyl alcohol, C2H5OH• Jet Fuel, JP-8• Propane, C3H8
• Acetone, (CH3)2CO• Ethylene, C2H4• Kerosene• Propylene, C3H6
• Acetonitrile, CH3CN• Ethylene oxide (ETO), C2H4O• Methane, CH4• Propylene oxide, C3H6O
• Ammonia, NH3• Fluorine, F2• Methanol, CH3OH• Solvents
• Benzene, C6H6• Gasoline• Methyl alcohol, CH3OH• Styrene, C8H8
• Bromine, Br2• Heptane, C7H16• Methyl chloride, CH3Cl• Sulfur dioxide, SO2
• Butane, C4H10• Hexane, C6H14• Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), C4H8O• Toluene, C7H8
• 2-Butanone (MEK), C4H8O• Hydrocarbons• Methylene chloride, CH2Cl2• Trichloroethylene, C2HCl3
• Carbon dioxide, CO2• Hydrogen, H2• Natural Gas• Vinyl chloride aka Chloroethene (VCM), C2H3Cl
• Carbon monoxide, CO• Hydrogen cyanide, HCN• Nitric oxide, NO• Volatile Organic Compounds, VOCs
• Chlorine, Cl2• Hydrogen sulfide, H2S• Nitrogen dioxide, NO2• Water/Dew Point
• Chlorine dioxide, ClO2• Isobutane, C4H10• Nitrous oxide, N2O• Xylene, C8H10
• Combustible Gas• Isobutylene, C4H8• Organic solvents
• Dew Point, DP• Isopropanol, CH3 CHOH• Oxygen, O2
• Ethanol, CH3CH2OH• Isopropyl alcohol (IPA), C3H8O• Pentane, C5H12

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