The Macurco MRS-485 adapter is an accessory used to convert the 4-20mA analog signal from Macurco 6-Series type detectors to a digital signal for use with multipoint addressable systems. The MRS-485 accepts the 4-20mA output and is powered from the same connection as the detector. The MRS-485 has the ability to interface with Building Automation Systems, Control Panels or other Control Devices that accept Modbus communications.


• The Macurco MRS-485 interfaces the detector power and 4-20mA output lines with a mounted connector
• The MRS-485 monitors sensor type, gas level and trouble status communications from any of the Macurco 6-Series detectors
• Communication is on a Modbus serial line
• Commercial type enclosure to protect and support the electronics
• Tricolor LED indicates power, test and communication status



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