AirGuard is an innovative next-generation solution for OSHA Grade D compressed breathing air requirements. It integrates breathing air filtration with sensors for Carbon monoxide (CO) and differential dew point for both safety and breathing air comfort.

Designed with the user in mind, AirGuard has an external easy-to-read display to communicate threats beyond general audible alarm warnings. The display is readable from over 30 feet allowing for a quick response when AirGuard detects a hazardous situation. Using its menu-driven interface, AirGuard is easy to operate. It provides a system status upon power up and most importantly keeps track of the sensor and function status and calibration interval. The AirGuard data log records all the real-time sensor data, calibration events, and diagnostic data over time. This data is easily downloadable to a PC using the removable USB drive for operational record keeping and OSHA compliance reporting.


• Meets OSHA Grade D breathing air requirements
• CO and differential dew point sensors
• Removes oils, solid particles, water and unpleasant odors
• Respirator CFM and sensor flow alarms
• Visual and audible alarm warnings
• Datalog – OSHA compliance records
• Portable – battery operated, rechargeable



General Specifications

DisplayBacklit, 7” diagonal color display
AlarmsUser programmable
Air Flow Alarm Pt< 5 CFM ±1 CFM
Sensor TypesCarbon Monoxide (0 to 50 ppm) Dew Point (-20°F to ambient)
Sensor AccuracyCarbon Monoxide: ±5% @ 10 ppm Dew Point: ±2°F @ 50°F
Sensor Response Time<60 seconds
Keypad3-button touch, weatherproof w/tactile feedback
Battery Life>16 hours before recharge
Data Logging2 points per minute
Data Storage MediumUSB memory stick
FittingsHansen or Schrader Connections
Inlet PressureMaximum 150 psi
Total Air CapacityMaximum 100 CFM
Outlet ConnectionSupplied with eight couplings
Inlet Port1/2 inch quick disconnect
Filter Train3-stages of filtration (5 micron, 0.01 micron, carbon adsorber)
Weight34 Lbs.
Warranty2 years on sensors and monitor (excluding replacement filters)
Agency ApprovalUL 61010 U.S. and Canada (Pending)
Optional Models Available15 CFM One Coupling 30 CFM Two Couplings 50 CFM Four Couplings
Part NumberDescription
AGP-100-8-00-00AirGuard - Portable, 100 CFM, Eight Couplings Hansen Type, CO and Differential Dew Point Sensors
AGP-100-8-00-01AirGuard - Portable, 100 CFM, Eight Couplings Schrader Type, CO and Differential Dew Point Sensors
03414-005Calibration Kit Assembly, AirGuard
73089-102AirGuard Replacement Filter Kit 100 CFM

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