The MATRIX is a transportable instrument that is fully self-contained and able to operate on-site for 12 hours with no external support requirements. The real-time analysis data is displayed on the front LCD panels, which have integral alarm concentration indicators and loss of flow alarms.

The MATRIX Plus offers a data logging option which allows the analysis data to be displayed on a PC via a USB connection. This permits the real-time data to be displayed in a graphical plot. The data log can be archived with a location file name for use in reports. Additionally, the MATRIX Plus can be configured with a sampling pump for those applications which are not pressurized.


• Real-time monitoring for 8 gases
• Faster station analysis
• Easily transportable and durable case
• Battery operated (12 hrs)
• Optional datalogger
• Complete field analysis in one instrument



General Specifications

Power120 VAC/Lithium ion battery
Battery Capacity12 hours, under normal conditions
Size19 x 15 x 8 inches / 48 x 38 x 20 cm
Weight19 Lb. / 8.6 Kg
AlarmLED visual indicator per channel with flow alarm
Humidity Range0-95 (non-condensing)
Operating Temperature32-77° F
Inlet Pressure for Dew Point55 psig
Inlet Flow Rate for Sensors0.5 liters/minute
SPECIFICATIONS FOR GASES MONITORED (Note: Maximum 8 gases per instrument)
GasRangeAlarm Point 1Alarm Point 2Accuracy At Alarm PointsSensor TypeDisplay Increment
Carbon Monoxide (CO)0-50 ppm10 ppm20 ppm± 1 ppmEC1 ppm
Carbon Dioxide (CO2)0-5000 ppm1000 ppm2000 ppm± 20 ppmNDIR10 ppm
Dew Point-112° to + 68°F+35°F at 55 PSIG+50°F at 55 PSIG± 2°FTFP1°F or 1°C
Trace Hydrocarbons0-20 ppm5 ppm10 ppm± 1 ppmPID0.1 ppm
Anesthesia Gases0-100 ppm50 ppm100 ppm± 5 ppmMOS1 ppm
Oxygen (O2)0-100% by Vol.i95% by Vol.i90% by Vol.i90% by Vol.PP/EC0.1% by Vol.
Methane (CH4)0-5000 ppm500 ppm1000 ppm± 10 ppmNDIR10 ppm
Nitrous Oxide (N2O)0-100% by Vol.i95% by Vol.i90% by Vol.± 3% by Vol.NDIR1% by Vol.
Nitrous Oxide (N2O)0-100% by Vol.i95% by Vol.i90% by Vol.± 3% by Vol.NDIR1% by Vol.

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