Designed with ease-of-use in mind, the PM-100 is a no-maintenance, disposable sensor. The PM-100 is built to detect CO, H2S, or O2. Because of its small size, only one of these gasses can be monitored at a time.

Gasses are continuously monitored by the PM-100, and real-time updates are provided on the built-in LCD display. Visual and tiered audio alarms are also included. The quick setup, easy use, and two-year lifespan make this an ideal option for industries that need to monitor a specific gas over a finite amount of time.

General Specifications

Size3.6”(L) x 2.2”(W) x 1.3”(H) 9.1cm x 5.4cm x 3.2cm
Weight3.3 oz. (93 g.) Toxic Models 3.7 oz. (104 g.) O2 Model (Battery, Clip Included)
BatteryLithium (Non-Replaceable)
Operating Period2 Years*
Event Logging30 Events
IP RatingIP67
DisplayLCD Display
Alarms▪ Audible Buzzer - 90 dB (at 4 in. typical) Vibration Alarm, Flashing Red LEDs & On-Screen Indication ▪ Differentiating Audible & Visual High And Low Alarms Indication
TemperatureCO: -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C) H2S: -40°F to 122°F (-40°C to 50°C) O2: -31°F to 122°F (-35°C to 50°C)
Humidity5% to 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
CertificationsUL-913 & CSA-C22.2 No.157 Class 1 Div.1 & 2, Groups A,B,C & D. ATEX II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga IECEx Ex ia IIC T4 INMETRO
Warranty2-Years From Activation
Sensor Life Notification▪ Sensor Life Indication Screen (Month(s), Days Or Hours) ▪ <30-Day End-Of-Life Display Warning (Days Or Hours)
Policy Enforcement (Configurable)▪ End-Of-Life Notification ▪ Alarm test due ▪ Bump test due ▪ Calibration due
Gas Options
CO0 - 500 ppm1 ppm
H2S0 - 100 ppm0.1 ppm
O20 - 30% Vol0.1% Vol
Ordering Information
GasModel NumberLow AlarmHigh Alarm
COPM100-CO35 ppm100 ppm
H2SPM100-H2S10 ppm15 ppm
Name Model Number
PM LinkPMIR-Link
Bump/Cal Test StationPM100-Station

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