IAQ Series


The Macurco IAQ product family ensures you “Know Your Air” in indoor applications. An essential tool for maintaining adequate indoor air quality, aiding with energy savings, and mitigating stale, polluted air. The family of products accurately monitors Carbon Dioxide (CO2).


• 10 Year NDIR CO2 Sensor
• Easy installation to the single gang box
• Aesthetically pleasing- flush mount or surface options
• User-selectable settings via two-button interface
• 0.5A configurable (N.O. or N.C.) dry contact relay to engage ventilation
• Analog or digital outputs versions to send values to BMS
• Occupancy mode
• Adjustable setpoints
• End of life notification
• LCD display
• Last 30-day historical events:
– Per day: Highest value, lowest value, average


• Homes
• Schools
• Conference rooms
• Theaters
• Airports
• Concert venues
• Convention halls
• Office buildings
• Universities
• Malls
• Retail



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