Refrigerant Leak Detection Systems for Chiller Rooms

Refrigerant Leak Detection Systems for Chiller Rooms

Refrigerant Leak Detection Systems for Chiller Rooms

Chiller rooms can be found in virtually all types of commercial buildings (including hospitals, office buildings, and residential buildings) to regulate temperatures and keep mechanical and electrical equipment running properly. 

Refrigerant gases such as R134A, R744, and R717 are integral to chiller operations, so there is always a risk of refrigerant leaks in chiller rooms. The risk of refrigerant leaks ranges from explosion (for flammable refrigerants) to serious health concerns, including headache; irritation of the ears, eyes, and throat; cough; dizziness; nausea; and vomiting. Severe cases of refrigerant poisoning could even result in death.

For these reasons, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 15 and the National Fire and Protection Association (NFPA) require that refrigerant gas detectors be located in the vicinity of chiller rooms to monitor for leaks.

Adhering to these regulations not only ensures the well-being of anyone who enters the chiller room, but also keeps the chiller running optimally, prevents the need to secure new refrigerant gases, and avoids fines, taxes, and legal issues associated with hazardous gas leaks.

Bacharach Multi-Zone Refrigerant Gas Monitor

The Multi-Zone Refrigerant Gas Monitor from Bacharach is the industry standard for detecting refrigerant leaks in residential and commercial spaces alike, including chiller rooms. An industry-leading minimum detectable level (MDL), the fastest sampling frequency available, and the widest range of refrigerants detected accurately combine to make the Bacharach Multi-Zone the best refrigerant leak detector on the market. 

  • MDL of 1 ppm for refrigerants 
  • Detection of over 60 different refrigerants (including HFOs, HCFCs, HFCs, CFCs, and natural refrigerants)
  • Ability to monitor up to 16 zones and 48 monitoring points
  • Sampling distances of up to 1,200 ft or 365 m with the high-performance pump

The Bacharach Multi-Zone comes with a proprietary infrared sensor, a large graphic LCD display, and LED status indicators, is low-maintenance, and requires no calibration. What’s more, it detects leaks early to increase energy efficiency, reduce refrigerant loss, and prevent refrigerant poisoning. 

Bacharach PGM-IR Portable Refrigerant Monitor

Having a portable hand-held refrigerant detector available to pinpoint the exact leak location is also recommended.

The Bacharach PGM-IR Portable Refrigerant Monitor is the most accurate and powerful portable refrigerant monitor available, capable of displaying real-time ppm concentrations instantly for 60+ refrigerants and pinpointing leaks precisely. 

  • MDL of 1 ppm for refrigerants
  • Detection of 60+ refrigerants
  • Real-time ppm display for precise detection of leak location
  • Infrared sensor immune to overexposure and changes in humidity and temperature
  • No zeroing of positive readings required 
  • Capacity to log 200 readings
  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery with 8+ hours of runtime

Have more questions, or want to purchase a Bacharach Multi-Zone Refrigerant Gas Monitor or PGM-IR Portable Refrigerant Monitor for your chiller room? Hawk Equipment Services can help. Contact us for a consultation today!

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