The TR3210 is a high accuracy, Electrochemical gas sensor that can be factory configured to measure a wide range of gases applicable to health and safety applications. This loop-powered sensor delivers a linear 4-20 ma output that is easily integrated into any building control, ventilation or alarm application. The low profile design can be attached to any single gang electrical box and features an economical and easily replaceable sensor element.


Two-wire, loop powered for easy integration with building control systems.
• Two year rated sensor life.
• Features an economical plug-in replacement sensor element that minimizes long term operating costs.
• Factory calibrated. Ready to be installed.
• High accuracy sensor, +/- 5% of measurement.
• Linear output over complete range. Custom ranges available.
• Provided with a rugged waterproof enclosure.
• CSA Listed (UL Equivalent)
• Now with Lonworks® Communication Option with % of range SNVT and discrete SNVT



General Specifications

Sensor TypeElectrochemical
ApprovalCSA/NRTL (UL Equivalent)
Sensing MethodDiffusion
Sensor Rated Life2 years
EnclosureImpact Resistant, Waterproof
Temp Operating Conditions-4 to 122º F (-20 to 50ºC),
Humidity Operating Conditions0 to 90% RH
Storage Conditions-40 to 158ºF (-40 to 70ºC)
Repeatability+/- 5% of measured value
Linearity+/- 5% of measured value
Response TimeT90 = <1 minutes (diffusion)
Warm Up Time< 2 minutes
Predicted 2 yr Calibration Drift (%of measured value)
Input12-30 VDC
Power Consumption20mA
AdjustmentSpan & Zero
Output Signal4 - 20 mA or LonWorks® (specify “– LON”)
Terminal Wire Size4 - 20 mA or LonWorks® (specify “– LON”)
LonWorks® Output Network Variables
nvoAISensor output. 0%=0 ppm, 100%=200 ppm. Values can be rescaled using nviCalibVal input network variables. Returns +163.83% on input fault condition.
nvoDISensor output interpreted as a discrete. Return ST_OFF if input is below nciDILow and ST_ON if input is above nciDIHigh. ST_Nul is input fault condition.
LonWorks® Input Network Variables
nviCalibrate00 – Zero Cmd. Current sensor output = 0%. 01 – Span Cmd. Current sensor output = 100%. 02 – Calibrate Value #1. Current sensor output corresponds to lower value which is nviCalibVal. 03 – Calibrate Value #2. Current sensor output corresponds to upper value which is nviCalibVal. 15 – Reset calibration to factory defaults.
nviCalibValSee nviCalibrate for description. Use with command 02 and 03.
Lonworks® Configuration Network Variables
nciAIOffsetOffset to be added to nvoAI before sent onto the network.
nciMinDeltaMinimum change required before a network update.
nciMinSendTMinimum elapsed time before a network update is sent.
nciMaxSendTMaximum elapsed time before a network update is sent.
CSA Listed

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