Multizone Gas Monitor (HGM-MZ)


The MSA Bacharach® Multi-Zone delivers the best refrigerant monitoring available, with industry-leading MDL of 1 ppm for halogenated gases, the fastest sampling frequency and the widest range of refrigerants accurately detected. The large graphic LCD display and LED status indicators provide a system-wide overview at a glance. The Multi-Zone enhances effective refrigerant management, detecting leaks early to enable cost savings by reducing refrigerant recharge, enhancing energy efficiency and reducing risk of refrigeration failure and produce loss. A variety of communication interfaces are available, including Modbus, BACnet and LonWorks, allowing easy integration into BMS/ BAS systems and remote monitoring solutions.


• 1 ppm Minimum Detectable Level
• Early detection of refrigerant leaks
• Monitors up to 16 remote areas, expandable to 48 monitoring points
• Over 50 different refrigerants accurately detected
• Infrared sensor technology
• High performance sampling pump
• Minimal maintenance and no calibration required
• Halogen, CO2 and NH3 versions available