Digital RS-485 communicating, addressable toxic and combustible gas sensor/controller with digital inputs, programmable relays and analog output for direct connection to the DGC6-Series Digital Gas Controller. The standard configuration includes (1) 4-20 mA input, (3) SPDT relays, (2) digital inputs and (1) analog output.

Each DC6 may be configured with one or two integrated SC2 sensor modules with X-Change sensor technology. The analog input channel may be used for a third gas sensor (AT6-Series) or any other transmitter type including temperature, humidity air flow, etc. The relays may be programmed to operate in response to readings from the “local” sensors or they may be activated by the DGC6 Controller in response to gas levels anywhere within the “zone” or “system.” An optional horn/light module provides caution and alarm warning of high gas levels, system faults, and service due.

Advanced, microprocessor-based X-Change sensor modules meet or exceed the EN 50545-1 self-diagnostic standards including notifying the controller when calibration is due. Although field calibration is possible, X-Change technology allows fast and cost-effective sensor module swaps minimizing field service time, eliminating system downtime and ensuring peak system performance for many years.


• Sensor node for 1 or 2 SC2-Series digital gas sensor modules
• (2) 4-20 mA analog inputs (max. 3 sensor inputs total; AT6-Series or other)
• (3) SPDT signal relays, max. 250 VAC / 5 A
• (2) Digital inputs
• (1) 4-20 mA analog output
• Warning horn and tri-color LED status module, optional
• Two-line LCD/keypad, optional
• X-Change toxic and combustible gas sensor modules for reliable operation and easy maintenance
• RS-485 serial communications to DGC6-Series Digital Gas Controllers
• Internal diagnostics including integrated hardware watchdog
• High-impact NEMA 4X (IP65) enclosure
• Hardware & software conforms to SIL 2 standard