Portable and handheld gas monitors are vital to many industries.  These are often referred to as 4-gas or 5-gas analyzers, alarms, monitors, or meters.  Whether being used for the measurement of explosive gases, depleted oxygen levels, VOC levels, or for general confined space entry purposes, keeping these meters in good working order is vital for safety and productivity.  Hawk Equipment Services performs routine and scheduled maintenance, calibration, service and general repairs on all major manufacturer’s handheld and portable gas meters.


Typically handheld toxic gas alarms and meters use a small pump to draw air into the unit and pass it by a sensor.  Employees wear these units in demanding positions and can be subject to a wide variety of routine wear-and-tear and damage.  If a meter goes down and you don’t have a replacement, work can stop, fines can incur, and safety can be put at risk.  We offer both quarterly preventative maintenance plans and repair services for damaged units.


The sensors in handheld and portable toxic gas meters may be electro-chemical, photo-ionizing, or catalytic beads.  Each of these sensors express a change in electric charge when exposed to it’s target gas.  As the units are exposed to gases, different temperatures, or simply age the voltages slowly change and readings are impacted.  This is why manufacturers suggest frequent calibration and testing of all portable and handheld gas meters.  Routine calibration means that your sensors will perform as designed and that you will have proof that your health and safety devices are actually protecting your employees.  All Hawk Equipment Services calibrations come with a signed calibration certificate and calibration sticker.  We only use NIST traceable span gases, so you can be assured that your system is calibrated as per the manufacturer’s specifications.


We stock a wide variety of loaner units that can be made available for you use while your meters are being repaired.  For planned shutdowns and routine maintenance we can procure a full fleet of meters so that down-time doesn’t impact your productivity.  From replacing sensors, pumps, filters, or batteries to repairing damage and faulty electrical components Hawk Equipment Services techs are able to keep your gear in top working order.

Here are some of the common problems that you may find with your gas analyzer or gas detectors:

Pump error alerts
Unit won’t calibrate
Unit gives alarms for gases when none are present
Unit gives “Negative” alarms
Unknown icons or flashing lights
Cracked or otherwise damaged LCD screens
Batteries won’t keep a charge
Batteries won’t keep a charge
Unit won’t turn on
Firmware or software issues

Contact Hawk Equipment Services today to discuss the costs and timing of our maintenance,  calibration, and repair service for portable and handheld toxic gas meters.