Sensor Services

At Hawk Equipment, our goal is to keep your gear in top operating condition. From gas detection systems, to portable and handheld motors, and more, our team will make sure your equipment is calibrated and in the best operating condition. 


Hawk Equipment provides calibrations to Manufacturer specifications with NIST traceable gases.  With every calibration we check the sensors for time of response and perform a zero calibration and span to the correct value for the unit.  After calibration we include a sticker on the unit with next calibration date and current calibration date.  For every unit calibrated we also provide a calibration sheet with a gas lot numbers and calibrated values.


Hawk Equipment will asses the unit during calibration and if any faults are found a quote for a repair will be generated to show all costs for repairing the problem.


Hawk Equipment Services is able to install new systems or replace existing systems with like units.  All new installs and retrofits will be quoted after an on-site visit.

Types of Sensors Serviced

Gas & Vapor Meters

Type of Instrument Measured Substance Application
Multi-gas meters Combustible gas (LEL), oxygen (O2), with specific toxic gas sensors Confined spaces, underground construction, sewers
Toxic gas sensor, hydrogen sulfide H2S Farms, sewers, underground construction
Toxic gas sensor, hydrogen cyanide HCN Industrial facilities, electroplating operations
Toxic gas sensor, sulfur dioxide SO2 Paper mills, bleaching operations
Toxic gas sensor, nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide NO and NO2 Combustion sources, particularly from propane fuel
Toxic gas sensor, chlorine and chlorine dioxide Cl2 and ClO2 Bleaching and disinfecting operations, plastics manufacture, chemical synthesis, other industrial operations
Toxic gas sensor, ammonia NH3 Industrial refrigeration, fertilizer, animal feed lots
Toxic gas sensor, phosphine PH3 Semiconductor manufacture, agricultural pesticides
Carbon monoxide monitor CO Garages, warehouses, other combustion sources, indoor air quality
Carbon dioxide monitor CO2 Indoor air quality, as a surrogate for other indoor source pollutants
Infrared analyzers CO, CO2, organic substances Area surveys to determine locations with highest concentrations, waste anesthetic gases, fumigants, indoor air, leaks, spills
Photoionization Detectors (PIDs) Hydrocarbons, other ionizable substances Area surveys to determine locations with highest concentrations, indoor air, leaks, spills
Mercury vapor meters Hg Mercury plants, spills
Ozone Analyzers O3 Water or air purification, indoor air