Blackline Safety products employ top notch technology to keep workers safe in the office and in the field. Their line of wireless lone worker and evacuation technology enables their remote safety team to monitor workers in the field, to ensure they are not exposed to harmful gasses and take action in case of emergency. Hawk Equipment sells the following Blackline Safety Products:

G7C Wireless Gas Detector

The G7c Wireless Gas Detector tracks an employee during work hours, and will prompt them if a potential fall or cease of activity is detected. That means if an employee falls down or is motionless and doesn’t confirm they are alright, this wireless gas detector will contact their remote safety team and send help.

G7x Satellite Equipped Lone Worker Protection

This device enables workers to be connected to a remote monitoring system in more remote areas than most technology. This device uses text messages and satellite signals to ensure workers are safe, even when working in the remotest of places, and alert help in the case of an emergency.

G7 Gas Detection Cartridges

These Blackline gas detection cartridges are top of the line technology. These cartridges offer gas detection and lone worker monitoring for a number of industries, scenarios, and applications. These cartridge options offer support for gas detection, evacuation management, and lone worker safety.

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