Portable and Handheld Products

At Hawk Equipment, we sell a number of portable and handheld technologies to enhance the workplace and improve employee safety. This equipment has a wide variety of applications and can help keep your team safe in case of emergency. We sell portable and handheld products from the following companies:

blackline saftey logo

Blackline Safety 

When it comes to working in the field, employees who are working on their own may be at risk for gas exposure. Through their remote detection team, Blackline Safety products detect unsafe levels of gasses in the field and contact their remote team in case of emergency.

RKI Instruments Logo


RKI Instruments is a thought leader in gas detection systems. These technologies can detect a wide variety of gasses in the atmosphere so you will know when dangerous toxins are present. We sell a number of their portable and handheld devices to keep professionals across a number of industries safe.

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