Undetected gas in the air can be highly hazardous for everyone in the proximity. That’s why having top notch gas detection systems is crucial for safety for you and your employees. IntecControls sells a number gas detection systems including parts, transmitters, valves and more. Some of the state of the art Intec Controls products you can get through Hawk Equipment include:

Eight Channel Wall Mount Controller

The Eight Channel Wall Mount Controller is able to record and digitally display information from up to eight separate channels. These controllers have sensors are compact and weatherproof and NEMA 4X enclosure. This low cost versatile solution is a top notch gas detection system for a number of uses.

Diffusion Sensor/ Transmitter 

This diffusion sensor/transmitter is reliable and cost effective for a number of gas detection needs. This device will detect LEL, H2S, CO, PPM H2, and CO2 and toxic gases including  NH3, SO2, HCN, and others. This device also has an infrared sensor for combustibles and CO2. The high functionality of this device makes it a great solution for a number of needs at a great price

Stand Alone Explosion Proof Transmitter

This transmitter is capable of operating with or without a controller. It is capable of monitoring LEL, O2, H2S, CO, CO2, and 100 percent Vol CH4. This transmitter can also monitor toxic gases include NH3, SO2, HCN, and more. This device is also equipped with Infrared sensor for combustibles and CO2. Explosion proof for construction, this transmitter is highly functional and easy to use.

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