Undetected gas in the air can be highly hazardous for everyone in the proximity. That’s why having top notch gas detection systems is crucial for safety for you and your employees. IntecControls sells a number gas detection systems including parts, transmitters, valves and more. Some of the state of the art INTEC Controls products you can get through Hawk Equipment include:

Photo of a Digital Gas transmitter

Carbon Monoxide (CO) RS-485 Digital Gas Transmitters

Digital RS-485 transmitters detect carbon monoxide in the ambient air for direct daisy chain/multi-drop link to the DCG digital controler. This system allows the user to sense carbon monoxide (CO) across industries including parking structures, engine repair shops, tunnels and more, and transmit that information to a master device.

Photo of the DGC5 Monitor

Multi-Point Digital Gas Detection Control System

We sell wall mounted, microprocessor-based multipoint RS-485 digital communication systems that can be applied to various gas, temperature and humidity detection, control and alarm. These systems can also log data to provide time and date stamped sensor values, alarms, and system errors. This sensor can control and alarm in the presence of toxic, combustible, and refrigerant gasses.

Photo of a Digital Gas transmitter

Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Analog Gas Transmitters

These microprocessor-based analog gas transmitters detect Nitrogen Dioxide fumes in the air. These sensors can be applied across commercial and industrial applications ranging from parking garages, to tunnels, repair shops, and more.  These systems transmit to any compatible electronic analog control, DDC/PLC control or automated system.

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