Fixed Gas Detection Sensors

Concentrated levels of gas can be very dangerous. Having highly functional detectors can keep you and those around you out of harm’s way when harmful gasses are present. Whether you need better gas detection technology in your garage or workshop, or calibration tools to maintain functionality, our team is here to help. We proudly partner with the following companies to bring you the best technology for your business:

Intect Controls Logo

INTEC Controls

INTEC Controls is passionate about creating tailored solutions for their customers. With over a century of experience, this company has a huge breadth of technology that builds custom solutions for their customers needs. They offer a wide variety of gas detection systems, valves, temperature and humidity detectors and more.

RKI Instruments Logo

RKI Instruments

RKI is a gas detection systems company built on innovation. They believe in creating durable and reliable gas detection systems to meet their clients needs. From gas detection systems, to calibrators and more, their array of products serves a wide variety of gas detection needs, and their customer service is hard to beat.

See Calibration Pricing for more information and for pricing details.

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