12 Series

The 12 Series builds off the success of the 6 Series, but are best used for specific applications.
12 Series sensors are capable of monitoring the same gasses as their 6 Series counterparts and do so just as effectively. However, as opposed to its low voltage counterpart, the 12 Series uses line voltage, meaning more efficient use of electricity.

The 12 Series mounts to electrical boxes in parking garages and warehouses. Each sensor in this series is also compatible with other sensors and controllers.

The Macurco 12-Series are line voltage powered (100-240VAC), dual relay gas detector, controller and transducers. The 12-Series utilizes an internal switching power supply that is capable of using line voltage between 100 and 240 VAC and 50-60Hz. The 12-Series have selectable 4-20mA output, buzzer and digital display options. It is an electronic detection system used to measure the concentration of various gases and provide feedback and automatic control to help reduce gas concentrations in parking garages, maintenance facilities or other commercial applications.

Selectable options include:

• Selectable relay actuation levels
• Output: Fan relay, Alarm relay and 4-20mA current loop
• Controls: Buzzer, digital display, latching relay, relay delay, relay minimum runtime
• Mounts on a standard 4” x 4” electrical box
• 5 A SPDT relay controls valves, louvers or exhaust fans
• 0.5 A N.O. or N.C alarm relay connects to warning devices or control panels
• 4-20mA current loop – compatible with the Macurco DVP-120 Control Panel
• Supervised system design: detector problem will cause relay activation
• ETL Listed to UL 61010-1, CAN/CSA C22.2 No 61010-1

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General Specifications

Power100-240 VAC (50 to 60 HZ)
Current1.0 A MAX
Shipping Weight1 pound (0.45 kg)
Size4 1/2 x 4 x 2 1/8 in. (11.4 X 10.2 X 5.4 cm)
ColorDark gray
Mounting box(not included) 4x4 electric
Current Loop4-20 mA
Alarm relay0.5A 120 V, 60 VA
Alarm relay actuationselectable N.O. default or N.C.
Alarm relay settingsSelectable within sensor range
Fan relay5 A, 240 VAC, pilot duty, SPDT, latching or non-latching
Fan relay actuationSelectable within sensor range
Fan Delay SettingsSettings of 0, 1, 3 (default), 5 and 10 minutes
Fan Relay Minimum Runtime settings0 (default), 3, 5, 10 or 15 minutes
Operating Environment0°F to 125° F (-18°C to 52°C)*. 10 to 90% RH non-condensing
CM-12 Carbon Monoxide (CO) Range0-200ppm, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 35ppm, Alarm - 200ppm
GD-12 Combustibles (CH4, C3H8, H2) Range0-50% LEL, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 10% LEL, Alarm - 20% LEL
TX-12-ND Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) Range0-20ppm, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 2.5ppm, Alarm - 5.0ppm
TX-12-AM Ammonia (NH3) Range0-100ppm, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 25ppm, Alarm - 75ppm
TX-12-HS Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Range0-50ppm, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 8ppm, Alarm - 20ppm
RD-12 Refrigerants (REF) Range0-1,000ppm, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 100ppm, Alarm - 300ppm
CD-12H Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Range0-5,000ppm, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 1,000ppm, Alarm - 4,000ppm
OX-12 Oxygen (O2) Range0-25% by volume, Default Relay Settings: Fan - 20.2%, Alarm -19.5%

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