Full facility maintenance, service, and calibration plans

Hawk Equipment offers Monthly and Quarterly Maintenance, Service and Calibration Plans.   Not sure what plan you need?  Please contact us to discuss plan options.

Monthly Plans

Your facility is most likely equipped with a variety of fixed gas sensors and handheld portable meters.  Hawk Equipment Services offers a full scope of services to ensure that your gear is up and running, fully functional, and working properly at all times.  Our full facility maintenance, service, and calibration plan will provide you with a clear and easy to use manual for all of the necessary steps to maintain equipment function and regulatory compliance. Here’s how our process works:

Step One: Site Visit

Upon signing with Hawk Equipment Services, one or more of our trained technicians will schedule a site visit to your facility.  While there, we will collect the necessary information needed to put together a full facility maintenance, service, and calibration plan. Here’s what we’ll collect during the site visit:

Site plan with the location of all fixed gas sensors including:

Sensor types
Serial number
Date of last calibration
Connection to any visual, audible, or building control systems alarms

A list of all portable handheld sensors detailing:

Sensor types
Serial number
Date of last calibration
Any obvious damage or defects
Department or employee responsible for the units
Any information related to your current calibration and maintenance procedures

Step Two: Creating Your Custom Plan

After we have collected all of the pertinent information on site, our staff will do all of the necessary back-end research and will generate a formal plan for all necessary maintenance, calibration, and servicing of the equipment.  The plan will be presented to you in a clear and organized binder that includes the following information:

A list of location, types, and serial numbers for all applicable sensors and meters
Excerpts from the manufacturer’s manual for each model of sensor
A formal calibration and maintenance schedule for each sensor or meter
Blank templates for calibration certificates for each sensor or meter
The cost and frequency of all planned calibration and services
The cost and availability for rental units that may be needed when offsite repairs are necessary
The cost and scope of any unplanned repairs or emergency visits

Step Three: Post Planning Visit

After your custom plan has been created and the service contract negotiated and agreed to, we will schedule a second site visit. This visit will be more in depth and detailed than subsequent routine visits, as we will be filling in any blanks or unknowns on the service plan. Generally this visit will include:

Full calibration of each sensor to manufacturer’s specification using NIST traceable gas
Generating a formal calibration certificate for each sensor or meter
Affixing a current calibration label
Documenting each sensor’s serial number, date of manufacture, and expiration date
Replacing any sensors that fail the initial calibration
Documenting and/or adjusting any alarm limits to your specific needs
Updating and finalizing your calibration and maintenance plan for your records
Documenting any sensors that are near expiration and planning for future replacement

Step Four: Continuing Maintenance Plan

Now that we are fully familiar with all of your facility’s need, we can continue the process in a convenient and unobtrusive manner.  The ongoing maintenance can be done monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually as needed.  At that time, our technicians and staff will have fully documented your sensors and meters, and we can plan to replace sensors as they expire and be fully prepared with any necessary replacement parts.  This will limit down-time, improve health and safety, and ensure regulatory compliance thus avoiding fines, and additional insurance fees.

Some facilities and organizations choose to keep the routine calibration and bump-testing services for the toxic and hazardous gas meters in house.  We understand that this is the best choice for certain businesses, and have developed the following quarterly preventative maintenance plan to keep your gear in proper working order.

Quarterly Plans

If your company opts for a quarterly service plan rather than a monthly, your plan will include:  

A full cleaning of the equipment
Full function check and documentation
Replacement of internal or external filters
Firmware check and upgrade
Pump cleaning
Full span and zero calibration with calibration report
Replacement of sensors that are expired or out-of-spec (additional fees apply)