Hawk Equipment Services is a specialty contractor that provides calibrations, installation and repair of fixed systems and portable environmental monitoring equipment. We work alongside our sister company, Hawk Environmental to offer holistic equipment services and testing and inspections.

Our typical clients are commercial property managers, production facility managers, and industrial companies. Maintaining fixed and portable monitoring systems for environmental concerns is vital to protect health and safety, prevent shutdowns, and protect company liability.

As specialists in environmental monitoring and alarm equipment, no job is too big or too small. We can be mobilized and onsite within our service territory for routine calibration, troubleshooting, sensor replacement, and new systems installation whenever you need assistance. Please feel free to call or email us with your project specifications so that we can generate a proposal for the cost and scope of work needed at your facility.

Service Area

Hawk Equipment Services is owned and operated out Portland, Oregon and serves clients nationally.  Please feel free to call to discuss your options for equipment services, calibration needs, and general indoor air quality testing.

Industries We Serve

Hawk Equipment Services works with any company or industry that is concerned with Health and Safety in their respective fields.  Some of the more common industries serviced are:


  • Waste-water sensors
  • Toxic gas sensors
  • Parking garage and maintenance bay sensors

Property Management

  • Toxic gas sensors
  • Water Quality Sensors
  • Explosive Gas Sensors

HVAC Installation

  • Combustion safety sensors
  • In-line climate control sensors

Mechanical Companies

  • Test-in sensor nets
  • Calibrate and troubleshoot systems

Logistic Companies

Parking Garage Management Companies

  • Carbon monoxide sensors (CO)
  • Nitrogen dioxide sensors (NO2)
  • Propane sensors (LEL)

Industrial Facility Maintenance

  • Toxic gas sensors
  • Explosive gas sensors
  • Water quality sensors

Food and Beverage Production Facilities

  • CO2 sensors and alarms

Manufacturing Process Facilities

  • Toxic gas sensors
  • Explosive Gas Sensors
  • Water Quality Sensors

Common equipment that needs calibration, service and repair:

Carbon monoxide meters, monitors and alarms
Nitrogen dioxide sensors
Explosive gas detectors
Hydrogen gas sensors
Water quality meters and sensors
Building control systems sensors
Carbon dioxide sensors
Portable 5-gas and confined-space entry alarms
Oxygen sensors
VOC sensors
A multitude of other environmental sensors, detectors, alarms, and control systems